Take your next steps in your coaching journey and become a head coach with The PE Shed.

Here at the PE Shed we are on the lookout for Head coaches across the Uk to join our journey, progression & passion to inspire more children to lead an active lifestyle whilst achieving a fair financial reward for their work. Franchises are ready made businesses with a strong model. Each head coach will be licensing the brand with full support in their own designated area with 75 to 100 Primary Schools.

How much will it cost?

Our Franchises require no purchase or upfront fee, you will be required however to invest between £1000 and £10000 depending on how many services you want to be able to offer from the start, most of which is asset based spend. A % of your turnover is then required each month for combined services, this encourages both parties to work hard and succeed together in your designated area. Ultimately it’s in our interest for you to achieve the best you can in your area.

Can anyone become a head coach with The PE Shed?

In short…No, we have requirements that each Head coach will need to hit before the process is taken further. This will usually come down to experience & qualifications. The best way is to enquire for our “checklist” of which dependnat on the situation can be very flexible or support further training where needed.

What support will you receive?

  • Literature to support advertising & awareness.
  • Access to our social media team.
  • First year’s insurance covered.
  • On-going meetings and training.
  • Help with increasing awareness and contracts.

If you are interested in franchising with us, please contact us using the form below or direct on

What people are saying about The PE Shed

We are so lucky to have The PE Shed, my children have such a great time during school holidays. All the activities are so fun and interactive and well worth the money. I have also used The PE Shed’s party services for my son’s birthday and it was such a success. I would recommend Ross and his team to anyone needing fun activities.

The PE Shed

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