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New to 2022, alongside our PESSPA services we are proud to announce Lego® services to primary schools. There are many ways in which our Lego® can be used by your school and we are flexible and open to new suggestions. The PE Shed has invested heavily into a large amount of Lego® and resources to provide primary schools & pupils with new learning opportunities and building fun.

What can our Lego be used for?

  • SEND (Lego Therapy)
  • Rewarding good behaviour & choice making
  • Extra-curricular clubs (After and before school)
  • Lessons (Cross Curricular)
  • Holiday clubs

How does it work?

Our Lego® services are completely bespoke to your schools requirements and needs, Lego® is delivered to your school in appropriate storage containers on a Monday morning along with subsequent plans. It is then picked up again on a Friday morning before a new set arrives with new plans on the following Monday, we can also provide members of staff too if required.

How much does it cost?

To get an accurate costing you will need to contact us as it will be unique to your needs and what you wish to use our Lego for. Prices vary depending on whether staff is required.

We also offer a register service if you want parents to pay for extra curricular Lego clubs.

For more information and specific costing to your needs please contact us by filling our the form below or directly to

What people are saying about The PE Shed

We are so lucky to have The PE Shed, my children have such a great time during school holidays. All the activities are so fun and interactive and well worth the money. I have also used The PE Shed’s party services for my son’s birthday and it was such a success. I would recommend Ross and his team to anyone needing fun activities.

The PE Shed

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