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Over 80% of our staff are graduates and all have experience in working with children in a school environment, along with NGB qualifications & completing 12 weeks of in house training they are ready to provide schools with appropriate cover and support to deliver High quality Physical Education lessons.

What to expect from us and our staff through PPA cover

Staff regularly observed and assessed (Shared data with schools)

Delivery of structured, progressive lessons using your scheme of work (we can provide support with this if you do not have one in place)

Verbal end of lesson feedback to teacher for rewards & behaviour

Use of our golden ticket reward system for UPKS2

End of h/term reports to collate with end of year reports.

Free planning support for delivery of Teacher led lessons (Other 50%)

Registering and changing of children where necessary

Please note we will only provide PPA cover to your school if it is sustainable to your budget, up to a maximum of 50% PE allocated time per class & linked with an extra-curricular club.

Ask for a quote!

Please contact us so we can send you a form to fill out, it doesn’t take long and will help give us an idea on what you need/want. All of the schools we work alongside pay exactly the same for their services regardless of financial situation and pupil role with small variations due to travel or time. We pride ourselves on being flexible & affordable with lots of options available, we recommend that you gain at least 3 quotes from other companies too so you can compare costs and value for money.

If you would like us to support, transform or continue the good work in your school please contact us using the form below or direct on info@thepeshed.co.uk

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